Of Storms and Sickness

The prospect of crossing the trail on Mt. San Jacinto in a snowstorm was ill-advised, so we have taken the recommended detour around the rockslide and gotten off trail to wait out the weather. Upon returning home, it seems society has taken another step towards madness. My attempts to restock have been hampered by rows of empty shelves at the markets. Today, I’ve learned that 9 million people in northern California have been ordered to shelter-in-place. My plan is to return to Mt. San Jacinto on Saturday after the storm. I hope that COVID-19 does not impact these ambitions. While executing a proper resupply strategy was a tricky prospect in previous years on the PCT, it seems that the PCT Class of 2020 is going to be uniquely impacted by stock shortages and business closures in resupply towns. I will try to remedy this problem by packing my bounce box full of dry goods and toilet paper, as I anticipate that these items will be harder to come by on trail for the foreseeable future.